She has moments.

Moments when she has to take a step back.

Moments when she has to take a step back and cry.

She knows time is a funny thing, a funny, unkind thing. Time can make her believe that something is real, true, like a mirage. She’s so sure that her paradise is a few steps away, just a a few more steps and she’ll be happy and than poof. Its gone. That’s what time is, gone. Its always going, never stopping, never waiting for her to catch up.

Never waiting for her to catch up and catch her breath.

So she has moments

Moments where she takes a step back.

Moments where she takes a step back and cries.

It’s usually when she reaches the edge of her mirage. She gets to the plank plain, and realizes that there was or is no paradise.

Just more time.

It’s like a release, crying, it’s a release that takes away all the pain. She believes it will help, she hopes it will help. Because she’s actually unsure of what to do. keeps marching forward, keeps playing this game. This game that has been created since the beginning, well since the beginning of time itself. She knows that life isn’t a journey, no, it’s a game. A game she has to play.

And she feels like she is losing.

That’s why she takes a moment.

She steps back and takes a moment to cry.


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Todays great, thanks to last night!

Well raising with the sun is always fun, especially when your dream would make a great story! I always try to keep some form of notebook by my bed with a few pens AND pencils to jot down everything that I can remember. Sometimes your brain uses dreams to help you think clearly. You know never know what could be gold out of all that nonsense. Stephanie Meyer said that her idea fro Twilight came from a dream. Not saying that I want my writing to be about vampires, personally I believe that the whole vamp thing is over done. Anyone else agree with me? I know that I said this will be a video blog, and it will, I just sometimes have to write down what I’m thinking. We are all writers here so I’m sure you understand that. Does anyone else write down their dreams? Has it helped? I know that in my last project, all I got out of like 10 entry in my dream dairy was one statement. But you know I have to say that it was worth it, because as we all know you don’t need a lot of words to make a point. One reason I love the Doctor on Doctor Who because a greatly placed “I’m so so sorry.” can melt your heart. Anyways, this was just on my mind today. Waiting on my job to call me and see if I have to come in or not. Hope you all have a fantastic week.

Much love,



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